Project – Halloween / Pumpkin Patch


Project:  October Happenings – Pumpkin Patch, Carving Jack-o-Lanterns, and Wearing Costumes

For the 4×4 cover, I chose one of my favorite fall photos and used Photoshop (you can also use many apps on your phone) to add the title and the names.  For the 4 2×2 slots left at the very end of the book, I used additional generic shots of fall.

Cover Page
Cover Page Photo by S. Beeker

For this project, I will be using the 4×4-ringed binder/album. I love this size and format for special projects using photos already included in family albums. I pick these little albums and pages up everywhere I see them, especially if I have a coupon or they are on sale. They are so easily put on a shelf and so fun to grab and flip through. The pages come in two formats: a single 4 x 4 protector sleeve and a sleeve with four 2 x 2 pockets. We will use both for this project.  Make sure your first set of pages has the 4×4 on the left side.  The back side of it will be your cover.

We will take three annual October events and follow them from birth to present and add each year as it happens.

For each event, pick out your favorite photo to put in the 4×4 slot and three or four others to tell the story.  If you wish to journal, save one of the 2×2 slots to put in a journaling card.  In this case I am going to let the photos tell the story and only put the year on the 4×4 photos of each set of pages.  To do this, I chose a small pumpkin sticker and wrote the date on it for the corner of the larger 4×4 photo.

Pumpkin Patch:  If you have an annual trip to a pumpkin patch, I’m sure you take lots of photos.  Since the pumpkin patch is a part of our traditional October celebrations each year, I originally made a special section for pumpkin patch visits.  However, as the children got older, the Pumpkin Patch trips were either forgotten or they lost interest, so I decided to include everything by year. Choose what’s best for you.


Carving the Jack-o-Lantern:  This is another activity that happens most years but can be missed occasionally, so I include with the year.  Again, you favorite photo goes in the 4×4 slot and fill the other 2×2 slots to tell the story.  I am making this for the kids, so I only include photos of them unless they are receiving help or people are in the background.  These books are for them and about them. The family books and other albums have all the adventure of these events with photos of all participants.


Costume:  The Halloween costume is so special. Such planning goes into the costume each year. The costume itself tells us what the child is thinking, loving and following.  This section shows how my grandchildren have evolved in their costumes – first what the parents love, then as they develop their own minds, what they love.  This one is the first year for my grandson:


Sometimes it actually shows different costumes as they grow older and had more than one party or occasion that year. My grandson is now 12 and it is so fun to see him as a bumble bee his first Halloween and then as a Vampire last year. If the family dresses up together, I make sure the family portrait is included.  And, of course, there are two of them now as his sister joined him in 2006.


I only have two grandchildren and since they are brother and sister, I decided to make one book, 2 copies.  You could easily make a book for each child of just their pictures, but all of the activities, especially when they were younger were together so I went with one book.

Side note:  The pumpkin patch page group shows the square corners and you may have noticed the others are rounded.  I wanted you to see the difference. I will go back and use the punch to round these corners for this album, but as you can see the photo from behind doesn’t show, so I may do future albums with the square corners.  Personal preference.

Supplies needed:  For a more detailed description of tools and supplies, click here: tools

  • 4 x 4 album
  • 1 4×4 Protective sleeve and 1 pocket page with four 2×2 pockets for each year you plan to scrap, plus 1 (will explain later). So if you are documenting 10 years, you will need 11 pages. 6 one pocket, and 5 four pocket.
  • Punch or paper cutter will make it easier, but you can complete using only scissors.
  • Printed photos
  • An app or program that allows you to make a collage for the 4×6 photo.

Step 1:

Pull the photos you want to use and move to your camera roll or other method for making them available to your app. I use the mini-iPad or my iPhone to make my collages. I use Project Life app if I want photos without borders and Pic Collage if I want a white border around each photo.

Photos:  Choose a main photo that you will print 4×4 then 3 or 4 of the same year for the pocket page.  I take a lot of photos, so I use 4 photos. If three is plenty, use the other spot to mark your year or journal.  Choose a cute card that already has the year on it or create one.  You will see samples in my book.  For this book, I purchased small pumpkin stickers to print the year on and just stick on the corner of my 4×4 photo.


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