Songs as Inspiration for your Page

My Wish for You
My Wish for You – Click to Enlarge

Sometimes we hear a song that so says what we are thinking or so applies to a situation we have gone through, that it immediately becomes a favorite.  I like to scrap these songs and keep them special.



Generating a CR code
Generating a CR code


If someone might not know the song, or you just want to be able to listen to it while looking at the page, include a QR code.  Just google QR Code and a box will appear that allows you to put the address of the video on the left and it will create a code on the right. I used the address for the video on YouTube.  Using a QR Scan App on your phone, just scan the code and it automatically brings us the video.  Try it!

Click to Enlarge
Watching You – Click to Enlarge

Here is the completed page with the code.  Some feel the code makes the page look too commercial, but I love having the song readily available.


You can also use QR codes to go to your private YouTube account for home videos.

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The Unexpected Photo


Photobombs are the rage and can be a lot of fun when you look at the photo and realize an uninvited guest shows up in your perfect shot.  As you can see, Thomas peeks out the window just in time to get into the photo.


How to get Papa to share his orange.
How to get Papa to share his orange. Click to enlarge.

There are other ways to get the unexpected photo.  I had the grandkids in the back yard playing one afternoon and noticed Leea was wandering away from us.  I was snapping photos, so would turn her direction and snap one as I would check out what she was doing.  Later, after they went home, I was going through the photos and found a wonderful story.  She really knows how to work her Papa: “How to get Papa to share his orange”    1. Act like you don’t care 2. Ask “What ya’ got, Papa?” 3. Use those “Puppy Dog” eyes 4. Enjoy the fruits of your labor 5. Thanks, Papa. Gotta Run!  Those puppy dog eyes would have been a great unexpected photo alone, but when grouped with the others, it tells so much more!

So, my advice?  Look through your photos slowly and at full screen on your tv or computer and look at the details.  Once in a while, you will get a great surprise!


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Scrapping Photos without People

What do you do with those photos taken without people included in the shot?  When you travel alone, you want to document the trip, but don’t want all selfies and it’s a little scary to hand your phone to a perfect stranger to take the photo when you are alone.  Even when you are on a trip, there is that fascinating view of the mountains or cute little gift shop or interesting sculpture that you want a photo reminder.

Grand Canyon
This picture of the Grand Canyon is beautiful on it’s own, but it means so much more to me that my niece is included in the shot!

Some of these photos will be scrapped right along with the photos of the vacation or event, but others will not.  What will you do with those?  Will you remember what they are 2, 5 or 10 years from now? When I have chosen and scrapped the favorite few, I toss the rest.  I have already received the intended pleasure of the photo.

This page tells the story of our hike on one of the Rocky Mountain Park Trails. I did include some of my favorite scenic shots but included people and information on the page. This is a two page layout and the other page will be all photos that include people and activities.


If I am not alone, I try to get someone in the photo with the scene I am trying to capture.  If alone, I really want to enjoy the moment and the scene so I will take maybe one or two photos and a selfie or two and then put the camera away.  Or if I just can’t quit taking photos, I pick out the favorite 4-6 and make a spread with one selfie and the scenic photos.


Being a part of the scene.
Being a part of the scene.

This photo is one of my favorites that puts the person in a wonderful scene.  It shows my grandson holding his flying kite, but his dad was so creative to include the herd of horses in the shot.


So, unless I am taking the photo as a beautiful scenic photo to use as decor, I try to always include someone in the shot.  It seems to ground it for me; gives me an occasion, a time-frame and a location.

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Project – School Book

Our project this week will be a book of school activities.  You can do it as a single year or maybe 5 books:  preschool, elementary school, middle school, junior high and high school,  depending on how involved your student is and how detailed you want to be. This is a great place for the certificates earned, the programs and the artwork.

I am using the 6×8 format for this as there are so many options.  There are four different page configurations for the pockets, plus zipper pages and tabbed dividers.  These samples are from Becky Higgins, but others make them and they are available at craft stores.  I will use both photos and cards.

first-day-of-schoolMy first sample page is the first day of school.  I used the four pocket page and 3 3×6 photos and 1 journaling card.  I want the photos to tell the story, but journaling is also needed occasionally.  I purchase most of my supplies are by Becky Higgins.




Another page is of a musical my grandson was in.  I have lots of pictures of this event and have done several pages in the family album, but wanted to feature here, too, so he knows it was during this school year. Here I used a page with four 3x6s and a page that has a 4×6 and two 3x6s to make a two-page spread.

byebyebirdieMore page examples would be for the extra activities, like music and sports. Also art shows, open house, meeting the teacher, teacher conferences.  You could cover anything!

leea-song_edited-1Also when you are scrapping concerts or speeches or anything that you would like to include a video, you can insert a QR code on your layout and then anyone with a QR reader can scan it and watch the video.  I did this page on my phone of my granddaughter’s performance in the talent show.  I blurred it here for her privacy, but you see how that would work. Now I will just slip it into a single 6×8 page protector.


last-day-of-schoolAnd, of course, you need a “last day of school” page for the ending of your book. I make this one and the first day of school pages single so they can be the first and last page of the album.  However, another good first day cover would be a picture of the actual school building with the years on it.



The 6×8 size albums have zipper pockets available.  If there are mementoes from these special events that you want to keep and not just photograph, this would be a perfect way to do that.  They also have tabbed dividers that would be perfect to divide up the years or have different sections for academic, sports and activities.

This album is super easy to keep up as you can print full 4×6 photos, or trim the 4×6 to a 3×4 and insert into the pockets.  Add a journaling card if you wish and you have completed that event!



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Why do I scrapbook?

A Birth Certificate shows that we were born.
A Death Certificate shows that we died.
Pictures show that we live!  -author unknown

I scrapbook to tell a story, record a history, share memories and document a life.  I put pictures together with journaling and put into easily accessible scrapbooks.

Sample of Digital Scrapbooking
Made with digi kit – “Elegant Christmas” by Touched by a Butterfly

A couple of years ago, I was so proud of a page I had created with my digital scrapbooking supplies and Photoshop Elements that I used it as a screen saver on my computer at work.  My brother walked by (yes, I worked for my brother) and I had him come look at it.  He said, “Yes, that’s nice, but why do you do it? Why do all that work for one photo?”  Thankfully, he didn’t wait for an answer because I didn’t have my usual quick comeback. Why do I do it?  I did it for the art and creativity, definitely not for efficiency and getting my photos in albums.

This layout took almost two hours to complete.  I enjoyed every minute – placing each element and choosing the perfect background papers. However, at the end of the two hours, I had scrapbooked one photo!  One photo that was almost 10 years old!  At this rate, 99% of my photos will remain on my computer and not where I could enjoy them or share with others.

Using Digital Pocket Style Scrapbooking
Using Digital Pocket Style Scrapbooking.

So, about two years ago, I went with the pocket style scrapbooking – not the physical placing of photos into pockets, although that would have been a tremendous improvement, but the digital version of pocket scraping.  This template is from Becky Higgins Project Life, but many different styles and sizes are available.  It took about 30 minutes, but I told the complete story and used all 7 photos.

Project Life App Sample
Created using the Project Life App

That was still time consuming and it was still difficult to keep up – scrapping current photos. Then Becky Higgins came out with an App version of Project Life.  I can scrap the photos on my camera while waiting for an appointment, in the passenger seat on a trip, or anywhere I have my phone and each page takes about 5 minutes. You don’t even need Wi-Fi. There are numerous apps that allow you to write on photos, add stickers, etc if you don’t like the “Plain Jane” look of the page. I personally am about the photos and journaling in these pages, so the lack of decoration doesn’t bother me.

page1This shows a digital page on the left, and an app pocket page on the right. As you can see, I mix my pages and I even used the same photo in both pages.  The first page is for fun and art.  The second is to record the event.

At this point, they may be organized, journaled and scrapped, but they are still not out where anyone else can enjoy or where I can share.  They are not physical!

page3My next step is to print.  I prefer the 12×12 size because they are gorgeous and seem to come alive. However, I print at home first as an 8×8 because I cannot for some reason really see it on the screen.  I want to physically hold it in my hand, read it, arrange in an album. Then I check for errors before I print 12×12 for my permanent albums. When I am confident it is as good as it gets, I print 12×12.  I only print with Persnickety Prints or through the Project Life app because I know their quality is above average, but several places are printing 12×12 now.

Check out my projects to find great ways to scrap and organize your photos to tell the story you want to tell, or to compare celebrations over the years.

Please comment below and let me know why you scrap.

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Tools / Supplies

Most of my projects require only an album, pocket pages or page protectors, and printed photos.  The majority of what I use will be from Becky Higgins, Project Life, but there are many great quality products that do the same thing and accomplish the same goal.  Project Life is a brand name but much like Band Aid and Kleenex, we have used the brand name to describe the product.

So, first, use up what you have on hand then shop for each item as you need it.  Take advantage of the coupons and discounts – you almost never have to pay full price and most times can get 40% off at places like Michaels, Jo-Ann Stores or Hobby Lobby.

albums-webAlbums:  My favorite type of album is the ring binder.  It comes in all sizes and is so much easier to use than the post albums when you have to add or rearrange pages.  Some albums are bound, meaning you cannot remove, add or rearrange your pages.  These are great if you can make your project fit the album because when filled, you have a nice compact, finished product ready for the shelf.

cards-webCards:  Cards are used for journaling or just as fillers if you don’t have enough photos to complete a page.  Well, not just fillers -they do add color and character to each page.  My pages are usually so full of photos that I almost always use cards only for journaling or as a date marker. You can cut your own as you need them or use any of the wonderful sets available if you are using pockets.  If you are printing the whole collage and inserting into a page protector, your cards and journaling are digital, too.

punches-webPunches:  I use the round corner punch just because of preference and that is how I started and want to be consistent.  There are corner punches and those that will cut out the complete 2×2 or 3×4 photo from a printed sheet. This is also a great way to make your own cards for the 2×2 slots. Punches do come in the larger photo sizes, but I find that a pair of scissors or a paper cutter works much better on those.

img_1237Scissors/Cutters:  I use an ordinary paper cutter or a pair of scissors to cut apart my photo collages if I am cutting to put in pockets.  I’m not a perfectionist so if I’m off 1/36″ of an inch, I’m okay with that.


img_1330Another great method for cutting your photos to the correct size is to use templates.  This is especially true if you have already printed your photos and need to crop them down to the correct size.  Just place the transparent template over your photo, slide until you get the photo you want, and trim.


pages-webPocket Pages/Page Protectors:  When printing your collage on a single sheet, like we do for the 8×8 and sometimes the 6×8, you will need a single pocket, sometimes called a page protector.  When using individual photos, you need a pocket page. In the first project, we will use a 4×4 album and one page will be a 4×4 page protector and the other will be a 4×4 pocket page with four individual 2×2 pockets. Again, lots of good brands available, but be consistent within the same album as they can be just a little different by brand.

pens-webPens/Markers:  Most of my journaling is done while still in the app, so it is digital.  When I do write on a photo, I usually use a Sharpie or other permanent pen.  When writing on cards, I use the erasable Pilot Frixion pen.  This pen is amazing, erases without leaving a trace -even days later.



Using the 4x6 template and printing either one 4x4 and two 2x2 or six 2x2.
Using the 4×6 template and printing either one 4×4 and two 2×2 or six 2×2.
Using your own template and printing 8.5x11.
Using your own template and printing 8.5×11.








Photos:  I print two sizes for collages that I plan to cut apart.  I use 8.5 by 11 or 4×6. The 4×6 works perfectly when using a 4×4 album, but the 8.5×11 gives you the ability to print more photos at one time.  I love to print my 12×12 scrapbook pages as an 8×8 first so I can arrange in my album and check for errors before sending them to be made into a bound book or printed as 12×12.  Most of the photo collage apps now have the option of printing a 4×4 and two 2x2s on a 4×6 base and many have various 8.5×11 templates.

Sidenote:  I order all of my ink for my Canon printer directly from Canon. The price is full retail, but it is seldom on sale at office supply stores anyway.  By doing this, I almost always get freebies when ordering. The order I got today was for two ink cartridges, one black, one color.  My free items included the following photo paper packs:ink-web

  • 2 pkg of 20 – 5×7
  • 1 pkg of 50 – 4×6
  • 2 pkg of 20 -8.5×11
  • 5 pkg of 100 – 4×6

All or $58.28 and free shipping. Plus I didn’t have to go shopping, and since I use eBates, I also get 2.5% cash back from them.


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Projects to Anticipate

cropped-IMG_1228-1.jpgNow that you know my background, lets think about all the ways we can use this pocket scrapbooking method to quickly and uniquely record our special memories.

Documenting using this system has allowed me to venture into so many uses for digital documentation.  I use the app to place my photos into the pockets and then print at home on my Canon MG3522 or send to various printers.

Here are a few books we will create as we go:

  • Baby Book:  Quickly insert those photos and milestones while they are happening on your app or gather those from your files and have your book ready before they graduate from high school.
  • High School Reunion:  I created a great “Then and Now” souvenir book for the attendees of my 45th high school reunion.
  • Inventory:  Take pictures and document your valuables for insurance purposes easily and quickly.
  • Cookbooks:  Include recipes and photos so you can share those family secrets.
  • Memory Books:  Quickly put an album together that honors a loved one by pulling photos of their life into one collection.
  • Holiday Books:  Our first project will be a book of Halloween costumes and activities.   I started with my grandson’s first Halloween costume and progressed to this year. It is so much fun to see your child go from a bumble bee his first year to a vampire in middle school.

There are many, many more applications for this great venue and we will explore a new one each week.  You can be professional or creative, fun loving or strictly business.  There are so many sizes for your albums, too. I have 4×6, 4×4, 6×6, 6×8, 8×8, 8×10, and 12×12.   Albums and protector/pocket pages are available for numerous sizes and in varying styles.

We will share ideas and detailed instructions for using your basic digital skills and physical products to document, create, and share your family activities, your information and your ideas. A new project will be presented each Saturday and comments and emails will be answered throughout the week.


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