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cropped-profile-1.jpgI am probably not your typical blogger – I’m a fully retired grandmother with basic computer skills.  So, what I will share are basic, fun projects that will allow you to easily and quickly document family and events with just the basic knowledge of popular software or apps.

I have always loved taking pictures and capturing special moments. In the late 50’s when I was a child, I would use my camera, get double prints and share one set (why take pictures if you can’t share) and place the other set in the now banned albums with self adhesive cover pages. {Side note: Did you know Mark Twain invented those albums? Patented and everything!} I would pull back the clear cover, arrange my photos, and then replace the cover. Fast and easy – but later it was discovered these pages had chemicals that eventually destroy your photos.   [A topic for another time – pulling those photos and safely scrapping them.]

Next, in my teen years, I used the black corners on plain paper and inserted into scrapbooks. At least I could journal on these pages and decorate with drawings, etc. but the photos themselves had no protection.

Later, in the mid-1990s the world of scrapbooking exploded and stores were popping up everywhere offering classes and home parties.  You could spend hours and lots of money on each page that may display only one or two photos. Although I enjoyed this, I couldn’t afford the time, money or storage space required.  It was just too overwhelming!

Then entered digital scrapbooking – those beautiful kits with alphas, elements and papers all instantly available were like a light attracting a moth -I was hooked!  Even though it still could take hours to create a page, the cost and the space was reduced or eliminated. However, it was still so time consuming that few albums were actually created and none were printed for others to enjoy.

Next came the world of the pocket page system. This started out as a physical system where you have pages of pockets of different orientation and sizes so you could insert photos and journaling cards to complete your album almost instantly.  Since this system was introduced, many, many designers have added their talents and created their take on this idea and now there are endless possibilities to a pocket approach, including digital and even smart phone apps.

Although, I purchased the original 12 x 12 pocket pages and albums, the only photos I have scrapped this way are the heritage ones that I had rescued from the deadly albums but still wanted available to enjoy. I then began using digital kits and templates. These kits use the same pockets and the same journaling and filler cards, but it was a digital format that could be used with Photoshop Elements and other applications on your desktop.

It is easy now to sit in my recliner each Sunday evening with my smart phone and create my page or pages for the previous week and upload to my cloud storage. Later I print 8×8 at home or send off a batch to print 12×12. I now have actual albums to view that include the weekly activities of my family.  I still enter my traditional digital pages in challenges and enjoy the creating process, but to document my family’s activities through photos, I now use apps or digital templates almost exclusively.

So, thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you will join me on this journey while you save and document those wonderful memories!


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