Making your Facebook Cover Photo Special

I wanted to change my blog header to fit the season, so I uploaded a few of my favorite photos from March 2009 and made a collage.  I love the way it turned out:

If you look closely at my logo, you will see that the center right photo is the one in my logo.  My grandson is pulling a splinter from my granddaughter’s hand – and yes, I took a picture before I helped.  I promise if she would have been crying, I would have gone to her immediately. 🙂  This was such a great age when they loved to explore the back portion of our acreage.

In fact, I so enjoyed it, that I wanted to make it my cover photo on my Facebook page.  However, there are a few things to remember about Facebook.  It is viewed with our profile photo layered on it and you have two views – desktop and mobile.

Just keep this in mind what will actually show when you use the option to reposition. When I uploaded to my Facebook page, this is how it appears on my phone.  As you can see, the photo of my grandson sitting on a log is completely cut off in the desktop and only one photo is complete (besides the one as the background) on the mobile.

This is how it looks on my desktop version of Facebook, still missing the photo on the left.


I could have repositioned it the other direction, depending on which photo I wanted to show.

However, when someone clicks on the photo, or when it is posted that you changed the cover photo, the entire photo shows – a good reason not to crop before you upload.

I love photo on photo as a collage and use it quite often.

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