That Special Event


How can you celebrate that special event with those who are out of town?




Your first solo bike ride is one of those moments you never forget – When, where, who was there, and who cheered me on are all part of the memory.  When Leea took her first ride, her grandparents were visiting, but we all wanted to mark the occasion. We each sent photos of our best “thumbs up” pose to tell her how proud we were – even Dexter, a puppy at the time.

Click to enlarge. Digi kit “Playing outside” by SHOLT and the thumbs up by Cloud9

Those that were present added their photo and I gathered copies and made her this special page.  It was fun for her to receive each photo that day and then to have this page to refer back to the day and the way she felt.

This would work well for birthdays, winning game, or any accomplishment or special occasion.

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