That Special Event


How can you celebrate that special event with those who are out of town?




Your first solo bike ride is one of those moments you never forget – When, where, who was there, and who cheered me on are all part of the memory.  When Leea took her first ride, her grandparents were visiting, but we all wanted to mark the occasion. We each sent photos of our best “thumbs up” pose to tell her how proud we were – even Dexter, a puppy at the time.

Click to enlarge. Digi kit “Playing outside” by SHOLT and the thumbs up by Cloud9

Those that were present added their photo and I gathered copies and made her this special page.  It was fun for her to receive each photo that day and then to have this page to refer back to the day and the way she felt.

This would work well for birthdays, winning game, or any accomplishment or special occasion.

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Scrapping from a Video

How do you get that perfect shot in the middle of all the action?  You can use a great camera and capture the action, like these from my son-in-law or you can select frames from your video.

I love scrapbooking events, but a lot of time I have a video instead of a photo and I want scrap what happened, but I have no still shots.  You can include the QR code to watch the video, but those don’t work so well in the traditional scrapbooking page.  I want to “see” some of the action in my still shots.

You Did It – click to enlarge, click again to make it large enough to read the journaling.

A good example of this is when my grandson was learning to ride a bike.  We kept the camera rolling at each attempt just in case he took off – and he did!  We had his first bike ride on film!  But how do I scrap that?  I want a page in his album stating who was there and when and how it happened. That’s when I discovered the app “Video 2 Photo”.  I’m sure there are many, but this one worked great for me.  You pull in the video to the app and you can pick and choose the individual frames you want to use.  I was able to scrap this great page with actual photos from the film instead of having him pose on his bike afterwards.

Click to enlarge, click again to enlarge large enough to read the journaling.

Another occasion when I really wanted to capture the moment was when my granddaughter wanted to record a song for me.  She got so involved in watching herself sing, it was priceless.  I wish I could get photos from the actual recording of the song, but it was a Flip camera and I have no idea how to do it. For the camera, I just placed a photo from the time on the camera, but you could take an actual photo of the camera with the action paused or use the app if I had taken with my phone.  This was in 2010 and I wasn’t quite as tech savvy then.


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Christmas Card – Toss or Keep?

Christmas and New Year is over and celebrated.  It is time to clear away all things holiday and go back to a normal life enjoying our resolutions for a new year.  Most items are packed away to use next year, but what about your Christmas Cards?

Although Christmas card giving and receiving seems to have dwindled in this time of emails and Facebook, it feels like the cards I do get are even more special than before.  A physical greeting can be held and memories enjoyed.  I am especially fond of those that include family pictures and/or letters of the events of the past year.  Another favorite are those that are beautifully handmade.

These cards show thought and required more than a signature to produce and I can’t let myself just toss them.  So what do I do?  I personally make a scrapbook page including those special cards and include it in my weekly album, but not everyone scrapbooks.  So what else can we do?



So, here are the choices I have used.

  1.  Toss
  2.  Put in a box to review next year as you send out your cards.
  3.  Cut up and use as gift tags next year.
  4.  Cut out the main item on the front of the card and mount to a plain card to make new and unique cards to send.
  5.  Scan and date to have a special digital file or to make a special scrap book page.
  6.  Save in pocket pages in an album that grows each year.
  7.  Buy one large envelope page and put in the back of your album for that year.
  8.  Cut to shape and use as a bookmark, coaster or index card.
  9.  Take one photo showing all and include in your weekly project life album.

Choose whatever is right for you.  They brought you joy at the time of receiving so if you decide to toss, they have fulfilled their purpose.  No guilt!   Happy New Year!

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