Create your December Daily with just Project Life App, Instagrams and Chatbooks

When you love the idea of a December Daily but just don’t have the time or space to do it justice – think of that phone or tablet and sitting in your favorite chair watching TV.  Seriously!

unadjustednonraw_thumb_3cccI am doing my December Daily this way this year.  Open the Becky Higgins Project Life App available for both Android and Apple and choose the top, right template selection (Aqua).  Choose the template with four equal boxes. Fill each square with a journaling card.  Save to your library.  Then go the the orange quarter of the circle and choose the square.  Put the layout you just completed and in there but enlarge until you see just one square and save.  Do this for each of the squares.



Journal on each square:






Make each square a 12×12 in the collage and save.





If you prefer to print your 4×4 photos and put in the little 4×4 albums like that one in the photo, you can put each photo into the same 4 section template and print as an 8×8.  You would also print the journal cards as an 8×8 page and then cut them apart and put in a 4×4 album.

To do everything on your phone with apps, as you finish each of the squares, save and upload to your Instagram account and have your Chatbooks set up to automatically add your Instagram photos to print a book at 60 photos.  To have a cover you will have to add one page to your book, or combine two pages.  There is usually a code to get your first book free.

Of course, I am assuming you are familiar with the Project Life App, Instagram and Chatbooks but this gives you a way to do everything on your phone with apps.  These little 4×4 Chatbooks are only $8.00 each for 60 pages and there is almost always a coupon to get your first one free.

Have a great December!

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