Adding Quotes, Poems or Special Sentiments to Pages

You may have a favorite quote, poem or narrative that you want to remember or you may have a favorite photo that you want to make a special place in your album or to frame. Here are a few samples of how I accomplished this.

Hero click to enlarge
Hero Click to enlarge

My daughter wrote this for her discussion board for one of her college classes. Her professor was so impressed, he posted on the course page.  I had to make a page so that we would always have that writing in our albums.

Journaling: “When you strip all of the details away from people, i.e. appearance, talents, tools, toys, money, education, gender, age, society, race, etc., you are left with the core, the soul, the inner being. Our inner beings are the same, we have the same needs, desires and strengths. I believe these needs, desires and strengths are what myths speak to and that is why they are “beyond time” and can be considered part of the “collective conscious”.

The hero in the myth gets to be, feel and embody those needs, desires and strengths for us and therefore is the reason the myth is appealing and fulfilling. And while I hope that every individual gets to experience the life of a hero more than once in his/her own life, we cannot sustain those feelings on a regular basis. So, we look to heroes to remind us, inspire us and satiate us until we can experience them again for ourselves. Without living vicariously through the hero, the myth does not come alive for us and therefore, yes, the hero is myth in action.

Sunflowers -Click to enlarge
Sunflowers -Click to enlarge

This one is because of the photo.  I was driving on Hwy 75 and at the Nebraska/Iowa border, this amazing field of sunflowers filled both sides of the highway.  It was also amazing because the time of day made it perfect as the flowers followed the setting sun.  I wrote the sentiment to capture what I was thinking a the time. I wanted to remember this moment! Journaling: “If I were a flower.. I would be a sunflower.
To always follow the sun, Turn my back to darkness,
Stand proud, tall and straight even with my head full of seeds.”

Mother in daisy field
Mother -Click to enlarge


This was a tribute page to my mother after her passing.  She loved her daisies so she and my dad, scattered seeds each year in a section of their property.  I searched for just the right sentiment to complete the page. Journaling: “Flowers look up to the sun; Children look up to their Mothers.”

I have also captured Children’s quotes and Headlines.  It’s a great way to be able to recall those special writings.

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