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If you have a layering photo editing program like Photoshop Elements, you can make some really unique cards and/or posters using just the layering and erase functions.

Decorating a birthday cake with posters
Decorating a birthday cake with posters Click to enlarge

For my daughter’s 40th birthday, I put my daughter into several movie posters and made a huge base for the cake.  The theme was “Hollywood – Everyone is a Star”. My favorite website for getting my movie posters is Movieposterdb.  You purchase credits at a very reasonable price and use one credit for each download.


I also made a special movie poster for each guest as a “take home” gift.  It was so fun and I even tried to include their personality in my choice of movies used.  I printed 22×11, mounted on poster board (see poster blog post). I then lined the room of the party with these posters and everyone loved walking around and seeing who they were.

Poster - before / after
Poster – before / after

To personalize the poster, I put the poster on a background layer.  Then I erased the face on the original poster, found an appropriate photo of the person I wanted to place in the poster and layered it between the background and the original.  Then I sized my photo and placed in the appropriate spot.  On this one, I erased all of Harry Potter’s face, but left the glasses rims.  This is my grandson and he thought it was awesome!

Using magazine covers as birthday cards.
Using magazine covers as birthday cards.

This can also be used as birthday cards using posters or magazine covers. There are a few apps that allow you to do some of this but you have to chose their templates, which is great if the cover applies.  Try it, it’s loads of fun to give and receive.

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  1. We did this for my birthday. The take-home posters were a huge hit. I know people that still have theirs displayed today and I will not say how long ago that was. 🙂 The whole thing was absolutely amazing!

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