Making a Souvenir Poster of an Event

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When my grandson’s Destination Imagination group won First Place, we wanted to give each participant a keepsake of the event.  It was decided I would make a poster, similar to a movie poster, printed in color.  I made two different posters to let the committee have a choice.  This one is printed 8×10 and will fit into a standard frame.  I have blurred the children’s faces and names because I don’t have permission to publish, but the posters were a great success!

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This one is a 8.5 x 11 You can either frame in a standard 9 x 12  frame or mount on poster board.  You can choose a good 9 x 12 drawing paper to use as background paper in a frame.  If you use poster board, you can trim the board to size using a metal straightedge and an X-Acto Knife.  I used spray adhesive to place the printed poster onto the board and carefully smoothed and patted with a dry cloth.  If you printed with an ink jet printer, you may want to spray with a acrylic finish since it won’t be under glass.  Test it first to make sure it doesn’t make the ink run.  Then I used a very fine sandpaper to smooth the edges.  Use a gently touch doing this step.

To make these posters, you can use your digital scrapbooking skills or make physical poster and take a photo of it to print one for each participant.  The kids love a poster that includes a picture of themselves and their name in bold letters.

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