Fun and unique, but functional personal cookbook

You can quickly and easily create the perfect cookbook as a gift or for your favorite recipes.
You can quickly and easily create the perfect cookbook as a gift or for your favorite recipes.

We have looked at a Heritage Cookbook and how to preserve those precious recipes and memories, but what about a practical, fun, everyday cookbook with your favorite recipes? You will have your recipes and special instructions at your fingertips.  You can add a photo or special title in the upper slots, but have a pull out card of the actual recipe or leave it in the book protected by the pocket.  It is also easy to pull out and copy or just reprint another copy when that special recipe is requested.


img_1952For this project I have chosen the 6×8 physical pocket album with one 4×6 pocket on the bottom and 2 3×5 pockets on the top.  I want to always put the actual recipe in the 4×6 slot so it can be removed for use and replaced.  You might want to file these in a special digital folder in case you need to reprint one for someone or need to replace one that got damaged in the kitchen.  The two 3×5 slots will be used for a photo of the person who loves this recipe or contributed it, a title card, or even a photo of the prepared food.  I did use category dividers but did not include an index or table of contents.  I used the Legacy recipe divider pages by Simple Stories.

The reason there is no index or table of contents is that I add recipes fairly often and just don’t want to keep editing and replacing the index or table of contents.  Maybe when I feel it is too big and hard to find the recipe I need, I will remove those used the least and put in a separate book and index that one and add a table of contents, but still keep a book I can add to.

img_1955The recipes can be hand-written, typed, clipped and mounted on a card, or printed from a website. You can handwrite comments or substitutions, too.  I used heavy card stock for these pages instead of photo paper for this reason.


So, what do you say, let’s get that stack of recipes out of the drawer or it’s box hidden in the pantry or stuck in-between pages of an old cookbook and put them in an easy to use and easy to share format?

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