Documenting a DIY Project

Have you ever finished a project, stood back to admire and then think “Why didn’t I take a photo before I started?”  That’s when you start digging through your photos and try to find a picture with the area in the background so you have some remembrance of what it was before.  For you next project, as you remove items to prepare the area, take a step back, look at it with your full attention and then snap a couple of photos.

Also, document the process.  If a joint effort, get a shot of everyone who helped during the project and the different steps taken.  When complete, step back and again look at the result with your full attention and take a few photos.

My daughter's kitchen cabinet update
My daughter’s kitchen cabinet update Click to enlarge

On the layout above, I used digi scrapbooking and made a two-page spread.  This project took long hours over several days and everyone helped, even the kids!

My kitchen update. Click to enlarge
My kitchen update. Click to enlarge

This one is my kitchen cabinet update and although it took several weeks, the work was done at a different location so we don’t have in progress, just before and after.  This layout was created by using the new “Click Or Drag” Quick Pocket’s templates by Lauri Callison and Boys Rule journaling cards by Becky Higgins.


It’s also a great idea to always date your layouts.  I know several times we will ask, “When did we do that?” and I can look at my scrapbooks and find it quicker than looking through receipts. It’s so nice to look back and appreciate your hard work and the help of others to accomplish your goals.


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