Military Memories Book

My Dad served in World War II and I have a few photos from his service and I want to honor them in a special book.  I will journal and include pictures of his discharge papers, etc. but want to share a couple of pages with you here.

2 page spread

I chose the 6×8 because it will accommodate both vertical and horizontal photos.  Most of the formal photos are vertical so I can devote a whole page for them.  I scanned them all so all of the siblings could have a copy, but the only originals I have are in frames, so my album will be digital.  I plan to duplicate this in physical with the originals for my brother who has the actual photos.

2 page spread
2 page spread

My favorite photo of all is the one of my Dad lying on his bunk, writing to my Mom with her photo in the background.  He told us some great stories about that photo that I have written and included in the album.

These are precious photos and I can’t ask questions about them now, so I want to document what we can remember of what he shared with us before the history is lost.



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Author: Pam Stewart

Sharing digital story telling through photos and albums.

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