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My Wish for You
My Wish for You – Click to Enlarge

Sometimes we hear a song that so says what we are thinking or so applies to a situation we have gone through, that it immediately becomes a favorite.  I like to scrap these songs and keep them special.



Generating a CR code
Generating a CR code


If someone might not know the song, or you just want to be able to listen to it while looking at the page, include a QR code.  Just google QR Code and a box will appear that allows you to put the address of the video on the left and it will create a code on the right. I used the address for the video on YouTube.  Using a QR Scan App on your phone, just scan the code and it automatically brings us the video.  Try it!

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Watching You – Click to Enlarge

Here is the completed page with the code.  Some feel the code makes the page look too commercial, but I love having the song readily available.


You can also use QR codes to go to your private YouTube account for home videos.

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