November, the Month of Thanksgiving

1008-famphotos-s2-110The fall months are so full of activities and celebrations. October is nearly over and we will be ending the month with the final Halloween party or trick-or-treat outing.  This is the month of fun, parties and costumes – being whoever we can imagine!

ranch2012-43-1November has a different feel – it ends with a wonderful celebration of Thanksgiving – taking time to stop and be thankful for all the blessings we have. A time to soak in the good in our lives and the one who provided it before we start the hectic Holiday season where we concentrate on giving to others and being thankful for our salvation and again, the one who gave it to us.


Many designers and scrappers have suggested ways to make a journal or scrapbook of the month of November, writing each day of something that makes us grateful – from the air we breathe, to the successful elimination of cancer in ourself or someone we love; from loved ones who have passed and left tremendous legacies to babies born that bring such joy.  We need this time of reflection and renewal.

day-1-and-2_edited-1This will be my first year to officially journal thankfulness for the month of November.  I have chosen to take the class offered by Cathy Zielske, 30 Days of Thankful.  I will use a section of my Heidi Swapp planner for my thanksgiving album.  It would work equally well in whatever album you wish to use.  In the past, I have written 12 x 12 pages of thanksgiving as well as 4×4 and 6×8 -let your style determine your format.  And as I said, in the past, mine have been just pages inserted randomly in my albums, not a concentrated effort like this.

10486351My Heidi Swapp planner comes with a pocket page that has a place for two  (four, counting both sides) 3×3 inserts with each month – so I have 12 of these, holding 48 photos. I pulled these from each month and inserted them all into November and created a template so all entries would be uniform and easy to complete.  Each day, I will write something that I am thankful for – not necessarily in any order – and find an appropriate photo.  The photo just needs to represent the thought, it does not have to be literal.  Don’t omit a reason to be thankful just because you can’t think of a good photo.  Go to google and look at images representing that feeling of thankfulness.

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I started a little early so I could design my template and make sure I was ready to complete a thought each day.  I will definitely do the journaling each day but may wait to add the photos. I can see myself going back while using my planner and viewing these pages and remembering how blessed I am!


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