The Unexpected Photo


Photobombs are the rage and can be a lot of fun when you look at the photo and realize an uninvited guest shows up in your perfect shot.  As you can see, Thomas peeks out the window just in time to get into the photo.


How to get Papa to share his orange.
How to get Papa to share his orange. Click to enlarge.

There are other ways to get the unexpected photo.  I had the grandkids in the back yard playing one afternoon and noticed Leea was wandering away from us.  I was snapping photos, so would turn her direction and snap one as I would check out what she was doing.  Later, after they went home, I was going through the photos and found a wonderful story.  She really knows how to work her Papa: “How to get Papa to share his orange”    1. Act like you don’t care 2. Ask “What ya’ got, Papa?” 3. Use those “Puppy Dog” eyes 4. Enjoy the fruits of your labor 5. Thanks, Papa. Gotta Run!  Those puppy dog eyes would have been a great unexpected photo alone, but when grouped with the others, it tells so much more!

So, my advice?  Look through your photos slowly and at full screen on your tv or computer and look at the details.  Once in a while, you will get a great surprise!


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