Who Are You? – A Book About You!

Learning to Drive – Digi kit: Spread the Happiness by Dawn Inskip – Click to enlrge

I read a book that has stayed with me – Second Glance by Jodi Picout, The main character’s mother had died during her birth.  The character was lamenting the fact that she knew nothing of her mother – her personality, what she thought was funny, what she did and did not enjoy – not even what she looked like.  She didn’t know anything!   This obviously is not our circumstance, but it got me to thinking of what my children and grandchildren will remember of me and how nice it would be if they had reminders or pages that I had written telling them about me. This is especially true of my childhood years to let them know their heritage.

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Quirks! – Digi kit – unknown – Click to Enlarge

Several websites offer “About Me” classes and suggestions.  I used Linda Sattgast’s  guidelines in her class on the Digital Scrapper website – Your Story Brilliant – 2013.  She offered some unique suggestions like this one about “quirks”.  Sometimes we need to ask others their opinion to see ourselves as others see us.


Attitude - unknown digi kit. Click to Enlarge
Attitude – unknown digi kit. Click to Enlarge

I have several pages, but keep adding throughout the years as I get inspiration. I have printed these as 12×12 sheets and slip them into page protectors for a traditional 12×12 album.  This makes the journaling much easier to read and as you can see the journaling is the main emphasis of these pages.


So take a minute and read these scrapped pages and see if you can come up with some ideas of your own.  Or take a class that will give you an assignment each week.  It will be fun creating the pages and then sharing them.


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