Scrapping Photos without People

What do you do with those photos taken without people included in the shot?  When you travel alone, you want to document the trip, but don’t want all selfies and it’s a little scary to hand your phone to a perfect stranger to take the photo when you are alone.  Even when you are on a trip, there is that fascinating view of the mountains or cute little gift shop or interesting sculpture that you want a photo reminder.

Grand Canyon
This picture of the Grand Canyon is beautiful on it’s own, but it means so much more to me that my niece is included in the shot!

Some of these photos will be scrapped right along with the photos of the vacation or event, but others will not.  What will you do with those?  Will you remember what they are 2, 5 or 10 years from now? When I have chosen and scrapped the favorite few, I toss the rest.  I have already received the intended pleasure of the photo.

This page tells the story of our hike on one of the Rocky Mountain Park Trails. I did include some of my favorite scenic shots but included people and information on the page. This is a two page layout and the other page will be all photos that include people and activities.


If I am not alone, I try to get someone in the photo with the scene I am trying to capture.  If alone, I really want to enjoy the moment and the scene so I will take maybe one or two photos and a selfie or two and then put the camera away.  Or if I just can’t quit taking photos, I pick out the favorite 4-6 and make a spread with one selfie and the scenic photos.


Being a part of the scene.
Being a part of the scene.

This photo is one of my favorites that puts the person in a wonderful scene.  It shows my grandson holding his flying kite, but his dad was so creative to include the herd of horses in the shot.


So, unless I am taking the photo as a beautiful scenic photo to use as decor, I try to always include someone in the shot.  It seems to ground it for me; gives me an occasion, a time-frame and a location.

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