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Mother serving her famous sweet tea to her grandsons.
Mother serving her famous sweet tea to her grandsons.

As I began going through my Mother’s recipe box, so many memories flooded over me.  She used cooking to show her love.  Acts of service was her love language and cooking was a major act of service from her.  Birthday celebrations included a meal of choice by the honoree -even if it was hot dogs and mashed potatoes!  We also got our favorite cake, even if it was pie with a candle on it!  Such wonderful memories.

Crusty Beef and Noodle
One of Mother’s handwritten recipes. Crusty Beef and Noodle

In fact, these are such wonderful memories that I want to document this in a special project of her recipes.  I don’t really consider this an official cookbook, so I’m not going to use indexes and categories – I will place them in alphabetical order with a table of contents.  Most of the recipes are written in her handwriting and I want to display these.  These recipes are the ones she used over and over and had special meaning to each of us.

family and food – She used food to bring the family together The recipes of Goldie ****** Lovingly gathered, created, perfected and shared with her family. Can you take the love in it?

I want to make copies of this book for all the children and grandchildren so I have chosen an office view binder by Wilson Jones – 6 x 8.  These are very reasonably priced when buying in bulk.  I also printed on white card stock and will insert into a 5.5 x 8.5 sheet protector.  The binders purchased are  the ones that allow inserts on both the front and back.  You can use a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and cut it in half, use a three-hole punch and it fits the binder perfectly.

5.5" x 11.5 pages
5.5″ x 11.5 pages

Another option is to use a 6×8 album with pocket pages and insert the recipe cards.  This works out nicely because you can remove the recipe card when using it and replace it in the pocket when finished. I will do this for my book and use the original cards for a keepsake album.


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