What is your language of love?

I have attended various seminars about expressing your love, but I believe Gary Chapman has about the best explanation on how we express our love to others and how we want love demonstrated to us.  If you don’t know your love language, he has a short quiz to discover which language you use to express love and how you want love shown to you.

Five Love Languages.

  • Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch
What I learned from my parents.
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What I want to talk about, however, is appreciating the love language of others.   My parents both had the love language of “Acts of Service”.  After we reached a certain age, physical hugs and verbal statements of love were rare, but I never doubted that I was loved!  As I grew older, I realized they did things to show their love – they showed their love through “Acts of Service”.



My Mother’s act of service was often in the form of cooking.  I inherited her box of recipes and cookbooks.  I scanned all of the handwritten recipes and the ones in the cookbooks that were favorites and had her notes in the margins.  She also sewed for others, especially her grandchildren and great grandchildren – dresses, t-shirts and doll clothes when they were younger and special occasion dresses for the teen girls and pajamas and t-shirts for the boys.  She even made my wedding dress, her dress, and all of the attendants’ dresses.


My Dad’s acts of service were pretty varied – he would do what needed to be done -repair our cars, remodel our kitchens, build unique furniture or rescue us whenever we got in a jam.


So, why am I talking about Languages of Love on a scrapbooking blog?  As I have mentioned before, I want to record our family, not just events.  I want to capture our heritage.  These are not only my parents’ expression of love, it is their character – our inheritance.  I want to document this.

We will explore ways to document our heritage as we go, starting with the project on Saturday – Mother’s Recipes of Love.

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