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Our project this week will be a book of school activities.  You can do it as a single year or maybe 5 books:  preschool, elementary school, middle school, junior high and high school,  depending on how involved your student is and how detailed you want to be. This is a great place for the certificates earned, the programs and the artwork.

I am using the 6×8 format for this as there are so many options.  There are four different page configurations for the pockets, plus zipper pages and tabbed dividers.  These samples are from Becky Higgins, but others make them and they are available at craft stores.  I will use both photos and cards.

first-day-of-schoolMy first sample page is the first day of school.  I used the four pocket page and 3 3×6 photos and 1 journaling card.  I want the photos to tell the story, but journaling is also needed occasionally.  I purchase most of my supplies are by Becky Higgins.




Another page is of a musical my grandson was in.  I have lots of pictures of this event and have done several pages in the family album, but wanted to feature here, too, so he knows it was during this school year. Here I used a page with four 3x6s and a page that has a 4×6 and two 3x6s to make a two-page spread.

byebyebirdieMore page examples would be for the extra activities, like music and sports. Also art shows, open house, meeting the teacher, teacher conferences.  You could cover anything!

leea-song_edited-1Also when you are scrapping concerts or speeches or anything that you would like to include a video, you can insert a QR code on your layout and then anyone with a QR reader can scan it and watch the video.  I did this page on my phone of my granddaughter’s performance in the talent show.  I blurred it here for her privacy, but you see how that would work. Now I will just slip it into a single 6×8 page protector.


last-day-of-schoolAnd, of course, you need a “last day of school” page for the ending of your book. I make this one and the first day of school pages single so they can be the first and last page of the album.  However, another good first day cover would be a picture of the actual school building with the years on it.



The 6×8 size albums have zipper pockets available.  If there are mementoes from these special events that you want to keep and not just photograph, this would be a perfect way to do that.  They also have tabbed dividers that would be perfect to divide up the years or have different sections for academic, sports and activities.

This album is super easy to keep up as you can print full 4×6 photos, or trim the 4×6 to a 3×4 and insert into the pockets.  Add a journaling card if you wish and you have completed that event!



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