Why do I scrapbook?

A Birth Certificate shows that we were born.
A Death Certificate shows that we died.
Pictures show that we live!  -author unknown

I scrapbook to tell a story, record a history, share memories and document a life.  I put pictures together with journaling and put into easily accessible scrapbooks.

Sample of Digital Scrapbooking
Made with digi kit – “Elegant Christmas” by Touched by a Butterfly

A couple of years ago, I was so proud of a page I had created with my digital scrapbooking supplies and Photoshop Elements that I used it as a screen saver on my computer at work.  My brother walked by (yes, I worked for my brother) and I had him come look at it.  He said, “Yes, that’s nice, but why do you do it? Why do all that work for one photo?”  Thankfully, he didn’t wait for an answer because I didn’t have my usual quick comeback. Why do I do it?  I did it for the art and creativity, definitely not for efficiency and getting my photos in albums.

This layout took almost two hours to complete.  I enjoyed every minute – placing each element and choosing the perfect background papers. However, at the end of the two hours, I had scrapbooked one photo!  One photo that was almost 10 years old!  At this rate, 99% of my photos will remain on my computer and not where I could enjoy them or share with others.

Using Digital Pocket Style Scrapbooking
Using Digital Pocket Style Scrapbooking.

So, about two years ago, I went with the pocket style scrapbooking – not the physical placing of photos into pockets, although that would have been a tremendous improvement, but the digital version of pocket scraping.  This template is from Becky Higgins Project Life, but many different styles and sizes are available.  It took about 30 minutes, but I told the complete story and used all 7 photos.

Project Life App Sample
Created using the Project Life App

That was still time consuming and it was still difficult to keep up – scrapping current photos. Then Becky Higgins came out with an App version of Project Life.  I can scrap the photos on my camera while waiting for an appointment, in the passenger seat on a trip, or anywhere I have my phone and each page takes about 5 minutes. You don’t even need Wi-Fi. There are numerous apps that allow you to write on photos, add stickers, etc if you don’t like the “Plain Jane” look of the page. I personally am about the photos and journaling in these pages, so the lack of decoration doesn’t bother me.

page1This shows a digital page on the left, and an app pocket page on the right. As you can see, I mix my pages and I even used the same photo in both pages.  The first page is for fun and art.  The second is to record the event.

At this point, they may be organized, journaled and scrapped, but they are still not out where anyone else can enjoy or where I can share.  They are not physical!

page3My next step is to print.  I prefer the 12×12 size because they are gorgeous and seem to come alive. However, I print at home first as an 8×8 because I cannot for some reason really see it on the screen.  I want to physically hold it in my hand, read it, arrange in an album. Then I check for errors before I print 12×12 for my permanent albums. When I am confident it is as good as it gets, I print 12×12.  I only print with Persnickety Prints or through the Project Life app because I know their quality is above average, but several places are printing 12×12 now.

Check out my projects to find great ways to scrap and organize your photos to tell the story you want to tell, or to compare celebrations over the years.

Please comment below and let me know why you scrap.

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Author: Pam Stewart

Sharing digital story telling through photos and albums.

6 thoughts on “Why do I scrapbook?”

  1. Hi Pam… my question is how do I get started? What do I need? There is an event coming in two weeks and I really want to “scrapbook” it for those who attend. It is a family reunion (not mine) and I want to document for everyone. I’ve talked about scrapbooking for a long time and think now is the time.

    I love what you’re doing and will be following you! Thanks for your help.

    1. Nancy, Welcome and thank you!
      The easiest and quickest way is to use the Project Life App. It’s even on sale this week for $.99. You use your phone to take the pictures, slide them into a template (lots of templates to choose from), journal on the cards and you’re done. Upload as 12×12 for quality, but print from the app at 8×8 or 12×12. You could also upload to Shutterfly and print a book if you are doing this for one particular person or set up a Shutterfly share site so they can print the pages or make a book themselves. I print my 8×8 at home and slip into a page protector and put in a 2-ring binder album.

      So the only supplies you would need would be the app (several nice kits come free with it, or you can choose one you really like), an album and pages (Phoenix is the hub for this type of scrapbooking so no trouble finding those – use coupons!) and printed pages (either from app, locally, or do it yourself).

      To see an overview of the app watch this YouTube, click here Becky Higgins Project Life App. If you need more detailed instructions, there are lots of YouTube tutorials. You could have the scrapbook finished and gifted while everyone is still excited about the event!

      What a wonderful gift your are creating! Feel free to ask me any questions if you need help as you get into it.

      1. Will get the app but there will be lots of picture taking by everyone and will be collecting pictures from others so will probably prefer to do on computer. Just don’t know where to start – do I need to download a program for doing it on computer? Will check out tutorials… sorry I am so technology challenged.

        1. Doing it on the computer is a little more complicated, but doable. My Memories Digital Scrapbooking is a good, reasonable program for online scrapping (around $32). I use Photoshop Elements and Becky Higgins Digital. I love her templates, but you do have to have Photoshop Elements and it is more difficult to learn.

          Another option would be to have everyone load their photos to a free dropbox account or to a free site like Shutterfly. Then you can see them on your computer and separate into folders and only download to your phone or iPad as you are ready to scrap them and then delete them from your phone when you upload the pages.

          I hope you get good names and references for all the people or your friend can identify them. It would be very important, I would imagine, to have the names with the photos. Have fun with it!

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